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“Y-Break @ Workplace - Yoga at Office Chair”: A Path to De-stress, Refresh, and Refocus

Transteel is a leading provider of workspace solutions for the modern office environment. Our company specialises in manufacturing robust and ergonomic office furniture and office chairs, which are designed to give you absolute comfort. With our high-quality products, we strive to enhance productivity and well-being in offices across the country. We always try to adopt and embrace new ideas to elevate our employees’ and consumers’ health and wellness at the office workspace. The recent initiative introduced by the Ministry of Ayush, India on 12 June 2023 has been a breath of fresh air to everyone who works from behind the desk. This groundbreaking protocol aims to help & encourage professionals to de-stress, refresh, and re-focus through the practice of yoga. Y-Break@workplace – yoga at office chair has been specifically designed to cater to busy professionals who struggle to take time out of their demanding schedules for physical activity. This protocol comprises a series of light yoga practices, including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation), which can be conveniently performed right at the office, by just sitting on your office chair. By incorporating these simple yet effective “Yoga at Office Chair” practices, employees can experience a sense of rejuvenation and enhanced focus, leading to improved overall productivity.
Y-Break at workplace was introduced by the Ministry of AYUSH with an aim to get de-stressed, refreshed and re-focused at the workplace. The feedback of the protocol has been very encouraging. The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Ministry of AYUSH has added new features for the officials, who owing to their busy schedule, cannot go out and practice Yoga,” it said.
Transteel understands that the demands of the modern workplace can often lead to stress and fatigue. We firmly believe that by embracing the Y Break at Workplace initiative, our employees can experience a positive shift in both their physical and mental well-being. We also encourage our valued customers to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to prioritise their health. To learn more about the Y-Break at Workplace initiative and how Transteel is embracing it, Available on YouTube:,,, and also at the Yoga portal:
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