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#47, Linden Street, Austin Town, Bengaluru – 560047
Karnataka, India
T: +91 80953 46346

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“Gems Court”, GF 15, #25, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600006
Tamil Nadu, India
T: +91 80953 46346

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Unit number 102, Ashoka Capital, Opposite KBR Park, Road number 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
Telangana, India
T: +91 80953 46346

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#47, Linden Street, Austin Town, Bengaluru – 560047
Karnataka, India
T: +91 80953 46346

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415, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni,
New Delhi – 110030
T: +91 80953 46346

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We cut out middlemen and maintain a lean line of modular inventory to save you up to 50% compared to traditional office furniture of similar quality.
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Transteel is India’s #1 choice for quality furniture that is both made in India and sold online with over 100,000 orders since April 2020 . Find amazing deals for every room. Founded in 1995 at Bangalore, today Transteel is one of India’s leading direct to consumer furniture brands, selling both office and home furniture.


Making a statement the corporate way!

Beautiful Office Furniture Crafted With Pride

The way you furnish your office makes a statement not only to your team but also to your customers. The first base when it comes to top-tier office furniture is no doubt the comfort and quality. However, it is truly a home run when you have furnished your office in a way that allows you to express the hidden nuances of your personality!

How Do You Know Transteel Is Really The Best Of All The Office Furniture Stores Out There?

We don’t like to tout our own horn, rather we let our customers do that for us! Having perfected our ergonomic office furniture designs since 1985, we have delivered pipin hot office furniture to some of the best companies out there. If you are looking to order a study table online or if you are on the hunt for the best computer chair out there, we have got you covered! An online furniture store like ours can offer you a convenient way to browse a plethora of options from just about anywhere in the world!

Go Transteel Or Go Home!

Quality is our middle name! So worry not folks, the best office chair isn’t too far away, rather it's just a click away! But yes, we all do know that it’s not easy to pick out the one that best compliments your comfort and your office space. Sure, choosing functional furniture is critical, but it can be as important for you to not compromise on aesthetics for comfort and vice-versa. Why pick between the two when you can have both? Well, that’s why Transteel’s executive office chairs, executive office table designs, and wooden office tables have been manufactured to accommodate both corporate class, and comfort. Well again, not to tout our own horn, but the same can be said for all of our products. This is why even our executive chairs like Volt and Suit come with adjustable arms and heights and are designed to provide the utmost comfort to all body types due to their impressive weight-balance mechanism.

A Diversity Like Never Before

Who here would like to see the same old things again and again? We are guessing nobody! Well, you are in luck, as Transteel offers a variety of options, whether you are just looking for a simple desk chair or a full-fledged office furniture manufacturer for your bulk orders! Online furniture shopping might be hassle-free, but you should also take your time picking the right furniture from a store that offers you functionality, different aesthetics, cost-efficiency, and a variety of different options. The furniture you choose should complement your vision. Furniture comes in various options, just like your vision-modern, traditional, vibrant, demure, small, large, compact, or spacious. Pick the office furniture that suits your needs and gives you the optimum satisfaction. Even in your office, you can spruce up your own workspace and shared office space such as the kitchen or break room, conference rooms, the reception area, the lounge, storage rooms, the cafe, or training rooms. You can find the best office chairs and tables that perfectly complement each room.

The Right Office Furniture Offers a Secure Environment

Having proper office furniture ensures a safe and sound environment. With the right kind of office table, you will have enough space to store your things. You can store your official and information-sensitive files in the drawers, keeping them safe. Storing your documents in a place only you have access to also allows you to maintain and honour client confidentiality. You might face serious consequences if it gets breached, even accidentally, so a suitable office desk prevents it.

If you have the right kind of office table, there will be fewer chances of cluttering your workspace and leaving objects around unattended. Storing all your stuff in the proper drawers or on your desk reduces the risk of any workplace hazards. From clean and classic tabletops like Angle and Angle Plus to executive desks with triple-drawers, your options are many and the benefits are even more.

Transteel Isn’t All About Office Chairs and Corporate Swag!

We at Transteel also offer you furniture that is not limited to offices. You can find an office table online or a study table for students. Or frankly, just about anything else!

The Transteel Student Zone

As technology is advancing, and with the pandemic, education has shifted some of its roots online. Hence, students oftentimes find themselves spending hours in front of their computers attending classes, catching up with their peers, or finishing their assignments and papers. If you are a student, you will no doubt understand that when decide to buy chairs online or just about any other study furniture you are making an investment in your posture, focus, and productivity. Hence, it becomes all the more important to pick out a study table online that accommodates your books, stationery, and files properly. If you are placing an online order for the best computer chair, ensure it has excellent lumbar support like Helix. When it comes tome for exams, the best study table and the best study chair can make all the more difference. Especially because it can get monotonous sitting in the same position all day long if you have to sit there all day combing through various materials. The best study table for students is one that is perfectly tailored to the student. That means you! That is why, we suggest that if you plan to order a study table online, pick one that best compliments your style and your comfort.

Why Is Picking the Right Office Furniture Crucial?

Choosing the right furniture from the proper manufacturer has many benefits and advantages. This is, however, something that holds true for students, corporates, home-makers, or just about anyone else! Choosing the right furniture from the proper manufacturer has many benefits and advantages. This is, however, something that holds true for students, corporates, home-makers, or just about anyone else! Transteel offers a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design that renders furniture universal yet unique, with the help of premium manufacturing materials that afford both quality and beauty. The cherry on top? Well, Translate also affords ergonomically conscious cabinetry and office table design that safeguards your well-being.

A Run-Down On Why Picking The Right Office Furniture Is Crucial

The right furniture can transform your office and give off a better impression. Having the best is essential to improving and increasing your brand image. An office workspace that looks well organised leaves a positive and lasting impression on your clients and staff. You can have traditional or modern office computer chairs with a neat, classy, and elegant design that would flatter your office space when you set it up.

Keeping track of your documents and things can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools for them. If you know where you keep your files, it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to keep looking for them, especially if you are running short of time.

Convenient and Portable

Similarly, if you have a lot of stuff on your desk that you need to carry or move, you can save yourself multiple trips with office tables with wheels. You can simply wheel your desk around if you have to give a presentation or have a lot of things to carry. Still in doubt? Well, you can feel free to take our swivel chairs for a spin… Anytime.

Although You Make The Final Call…

However, it is ultimately up to you, as the end user that must make the call on the kind of furniture you want. It is important to note that a workspace’s ambiance plays a significant part in determining the results you yield. Be it your office space or work-from-home nook, the way you curate your space reflects your productivity. If you are an office employee or a high-schooler, you know that how your workspace looks and feels majorly influences your work. Therefore, choosing the right furniture for your workplace is essential.

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