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Office Chairs Ahmedabad


Transteel is leading office chair brand in Delhi! Whether you’re a thriving startup,
small business owner, entrepreneur or SME’s, we have the
perfect office chair set-up to address all your needs in Delhi.
Our extensive 2023 range of office chairs are ergonomically designed and
backed by over a decade of experience, Transteel fulfills your
expectations. Our office chairs in Delhi also come with a plethora of
additional features that enhance your workspace experience.

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Explore a wide range office chair from our 2023 collection in Delhi.

Engineered Chairs. Ergonomically Designed.

What Is Ergonomically Designed Office Chair in Delhi?

When searching for the best office chairs in Delhi, you must have come across the term “ergonomic.” To put it simply, ergonomic chairs are crafted to provide comprehensive support as you go about your day in your workspace or home office. Transteel’s ergonomic office chairs can promote a healthy posture while ensuring absolute comfort. If you’ve been experiencing back or neck pain caused by improper sitting positions, an ergonomic chair is an ideal solution. Furthermore, Transteel’s ergonomic office chairs in Delhi provide multiple adjustments of arms, back and seat, allowing for complete customisation to suit your preferences. These chairs also incorporate lumbar support, enhancing your overall seating experience and promoting better spinal alignment.

Choose Transteel for ergonomic excellence and transform your workspace today.

IWhy Is A Comfortable Chair Very Important For An Office Workspace In Delhi?

Comfort is the key to productivity. Opting for a sturdy ergonomic chair in your workspace effectively combats chronic back, hip, or leg strain caused by prolonged sitting. Moreover, it helps eliminate the health issues resulting from poor posture and curbs any healthcare expenses that arise because of it. Ergonomic office chairs also offer aesthetic appeal, creating a modern and stylish workspace that enhances workflow and uplifts your mood. The key advantage lies in their customisation, allowing employees to adjust the chairs according to their individual needs from arms to seating. When it comes to choosing the best office chairs in Delhi, Transteel’s ergonomic chair options clearly stand out as the superior choice.

What Are The 9 Types Of Office Chairs Available In Delhi?

If you are looking for office chairs in Delhi, you can find a variety available to cater to different needs and preferences. Here are nine types commonly used;

1. Ergonomic Office Chair:

Ergonomic office chairs are curated to give you optimal support and comfort, promoting good posture while reducing strain during long hours of work. Ergonomic chairs are equipped with various adjustable features to enable various customisation options, such as height adjustment, adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and seat depth adjustment. These chairs are engineered to reduce strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, and they often come with padded cushions and breathable materials to enhance comfort. And they are completely suitable for long working periods for everyone, right from office workers to WFH.

2. High Back Office Chair:

A high back office chair comes with a tall backrest. It is made to give optimal support to the entire back, including the upper shoulders and neck. The extended height also helps maintain proper posture while sitting for long periods of time. A high back office chair in Delhi is particularly beneficial for individuals who require extra support in the upper region of the body or those who experience neck and shoulder strain frequently. A high back office chair is also suitable for long working hours for managers, executives and WFH/remote workers.

3. Mid-Back Office Chair:

A mid-back office chair comes with a backrest that extends from below the neck. It is mainly designed to provide support to the lower back region. It strikes the right balance between comfort and mobility, allowing for greater freedom of movement while still providing essential lumbar support. The mid-back design is suitable for individuals who require adequate lower back support but also prefer a more open and flexible seating experience for comfortable long working hours.

4. Low Back Office Chair:

As you can guess, a low-back office chair brings you a shorter backrest that typically extends up to the lower back. These chairs provide a more open seating experience and are ideal for individuals who prefer a less restrictive feel or enjoy the freedom of movement in the upper body. While they may not provide as much support to the upper shoulders and neck, low-back office chairs are still designed for daily comfortable use.

5. Mesh Office Chair:

A mesh office chair is designed with a seat and backrest made of a breathable mesh material. This type of mesh chair offers several benefits, including enhanced airflow to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The mesh fabric allows for better circulation of air, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture. It is perfect for the hot Delhi climate.

6. Revolving Chair:

Engineered with a rotating mechanism for extreme comfort and freedom of movement, a revolving chair allows you to easily rotate 360 degrees or turn the chair in any direction without having to physically move the chair itself. It gives you versatility, convenience and flexibility.

7. Executive Office Chair:

Executive office chairs provide a premium look and feel extremely stylish. They tend to reflect the status and position of top-level management, managers, and executives. Executive office chairs are crafted using high-quality materials, sophisticated designs, and advanced ergonomic features to ensure durability and comfort.

8. Boss Chair:

Boss chairs are ultra-premium office chairs curated specifically for senior executives, CEOs, directors, or business owners. Even if you are a solopreneur and want to feel like the boss that you are, this is a perfect office chair for you. These chairs are known for their exceptional quality, luxurious materials, and sophisticated aesthetics.

9. Visitor Chairs:

Visitor chairs offer comfortable seating options for guests or clients in various office settings such as reception areas, meeting rooms, or waiting areas. These visitor chairs are intended to make a positive impression and create a welcoming environment for visitors.

Things To Check Before Buying An Office Chair In Delhi

To ensure you end up with the best office chair in Delhi, take a look at the below factors to help you out!

1. Seating:

One of the main criteria for a chair is to opt for ample seat depth and width to accommodate your body comfortably. If you are looking for office chairs for your diverse workspace, opt for something that’s neither too big nor too small nor a mixture of varieties. The seat should be padded for under-thigh support and provide adequate cushioning for long periods of sitting.

2. Lumbar Support:

Lumbar support is essential in an office chair in Delhi as it helps maintain the natural curve of your lower back. You can also go with chairs that offer adjustable lumbar support where you can customise the chair as per your specific needs.

3. Back Support:

Consider the backrest of the chair. It should be adjustable in height and must have the right angle to provide optimal support to your spine. Look for a chair with a high backrest if you need additional support for your upper back and neck.

4. Armrests:

Choose a chair with adjustable armrests that can be positioned at the right height to support your arms and shoulders comfortably on a desk or table. The armrests should be padded and help you achieve a relaxed position while working

5. Headrest:

When working for long hours, you need to rest your head and neck properly. So, when you are looking for office chairs in Delhi, consider one with a built-in headrest. Ensure that it is adjustable and provides adequate support for your specific needs.

6. Base:

Check the stability and durability of the chair’s base. For easy movement, opt for castor wheels. It also offers stability on various floor surfaces. It comes commonly in 3 types i.e, nylon base, CP steel base and Powder coated steel base.

7. Price:

Set a budget for your office chairs in Delhi. Opt for office chairs that offer a balance between quality, comfort, and affordability. It’s important to invest in a chair that will provide long-term comfort and durability.

Sitting in Comfort, Working with Ease Only With Transteel!

Where Can I Buy Good Office Chairs In Delhi At The Lowest Online Price?

Are you looking for office chairs with corporate build quality at wholesale prices in Delhi? We have your back! We understand the significance of establishing a productive workspace for optimal success and growth. You need a space that is visually appealing and offers exquisite comfort. That’s why our extensive price range starts under Rs.3000 of office chairs in Delhi and is specifically designed to cater to your requirements while remaining affordable. From ergonomic chairs to executive chairs, we bring you a wide variety at the lowest price! All our office chairs in Delhi are crafted with precision, meeting the highest standards of excellence and ensuring top-notch quality.

It’s time to transform your workspace in Delhi with Transteel office chairs today!

Why Buy Office Chairs In Delhi From Transteel Online?

Wondering why you need Transteel office chairs in Delhi? Take a look at all the factors that set us apart.

1. No Compromise on Corporate Build Quality:

At Transteel, we prioritise corporate build quality, ensuring that our office chairs are built to withstand the demands of a robust productive and professional environment, providing you with a reliable seating solution.

2. No Middlemen So You Save Up To 50%:

By directly sourcing and manufacturing our office chairs, we eliminate middlemen and pass on the savings directly to you. This means you can enjoy high-quality office chairs at affordable wholesale prices, saving up to 50% compared to traditional retail prices.

3. Express 7-Day Delivery:

We understand the importance of timely delivery. With Transteel, you can expect express 7-day delivery to your doorstep in Delhi. We strive to ensure that you receive your office chairs promptly, allowing you to set up your workspace without unnecessary delays.

4. Installation By Transteel:

We take care of the installation process for you. Our team of experts will ensure that your office chairs are properly installed, saving you the hassle and ensuring a seamless setup experience. You can rely on Transteel for professional installation services.

Upgrade your workspace with our reliable and stylish office chairs today.

Office Chair Near Me In Delhi

To explore our wide range of office chair collections in Delhi, visit our Transteel Delhi Experience Center located at 414 / 1, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, opp. Metro Pillar no 123, near Hanuman Mandir, Ghitorni, Delhi – 110030

Our Delhi Experience Center is conveniently situated near Ghitorni Metro Station, making it easily accessible for you to come and visit us. Here, you can witness firsthand the quality and comfort of our office chairs.

If you don’t know how to navigate around the office chairs or choose the right fit, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. They readily answer any questions you may have and guide you in selecting the perfect office chair to suit your needs and preferences.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Transteel Delhi Experience Center so you can curate the best workspace!

How To Buy And Install An Office Chair In Delhi?

Purchasing and installing an office chair in Delhi is made easy with Transteel. Whether you are looking to set up a professional workspace or want to install an office chair at home, take a look at the below steps.

1. Buy Online :

The first step is to visit, our online platform dedicated to office and home furniture. Browse through our wide range of office chairs and choose the one that suits your requirements. Add the desired chair to your cart and proceed to the checkout process. Easy!

2. Place Your Order:

The next step to buying the best office chairs in Delhi is to provide the necessary details for delivery, including your address in Delhi. Review your order and make the payment securely through the available payment options.

3. Delivery:

Once your order is placed, we will process it promptly. You can expect express delivery of your office chair to your doorstep in Delhi.

4. Installation:

Don’t worry about the installation process. Our skilled Transteel technician will take care of it for you. They will ensure that your office chair is properly installed and ready for use.

With Transteel, buying and installing an office chair in Delhi is hassle-free.

Buy Office Chair Under Rs.3000 Online In Delhi

Looking for budget-friendly yet durable and aesthetic office chairs in Delhi? Buy an office chair for under Rs.3000 online at the cheapest price. Transteel offers a wide selection of affordable office chairs that combine quality, comfort, and style. Upgrade your workspace without breaking the bank. Shop now and experience the Transteel difference in Delhi.

Buy Office Chair Under Rs.5000 For Offices In Delhi

Is your budget under Rs. 5000 for the best office chairs in Delhi? Good news! Explore Transteel’s office chairs collection. We offer a variety of chairs designed for offices, providing comfort and style without compromising on quality. And yes, all this is under Rs.5000. Now, upgrading your workspace in Delhi doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Shop now and enjoy the convenience of online shopping with Transteel. If you want to shop offline, visit our Transteel Experience Centre today!

Best Office Chair Under Rs.10,000 In Delhi From Transteel

We bring you the best office chair for under Rs.10,000 in Delhi. Here, you can browse through a wide range of high-quality office chairs that combine comfort, durability, and style at an affordable price. Give your workspace an ergonomic twist with our robust and stylish seating solutions that enhance productivity and support your well-being.

Shop now for the perfect office chair at Transteel.

Say No To Second Hand And Yes To New Office Chairs For Your Office Workspace In Delhi.

Office chairs in Delhi have restricted longevity and are subject to wear and tear over time. From fabric wear to deteriorating foam pads, their condition naturally worsens. When considering a second-hand chair, it’s challenging to determine its actual age, and it may have limited years of use remaining. Here, opting for a new chair from Transteel is a smarter choice. Our office chairs not only fit within your budget but also offer style and durability. With Transteel, you can enjoy the assurance of a brand-new chair that is built to last, providing long-lasting comfort and support for your workspace. Choose Transteel for reliable, stylish, and durable office chairs that meet your requirements.

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