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Buy The Best Corporate Quality Office Ergonomic Chairs Online in
Chennai at Best Price.

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Explore a wide range office chair from our 2023 collection in Chenai.

Engineered Chairs. Ergonomically Designed.

Buy Office Chairs in Chennai That Redefine Your Workspace and Improve Comfort & Performance!

Finding the right office chairs in Hyderabad has never been so easy. With Transteel's user-friendly office chairs designs and competitive pricing, comfort, our robust catalog ensures to have something for everybody in Workspace or WFH.

Is LHS equal to RHS? A comfortable chair equals increased productivity.

Will having the greatest office chairs make you more productive? What if we informed you that a study on the identical subject had been conducted? According to studies, workers in an ergonomic setting were 17.5% more productive.

As a result, if you are looking to buy a chair for your business in Chennai, India, it is advisable to take your time and get office chairs that are genuinely up to the task.

To The Core of Sustainability

Transteel is a manufacturing company, but it is also a responsible one. Sustainability has always been our guiding concept. We are acknowledged as a furniture industry pioneer when it comes to providing natural material-based workplace solutions.

We recognise that our planet's resources are limited, and it is our duty to ensure that they be used wisely. Buy office chairs online in Chennai and come to our Transteel Experience Centre in Chennai.

Why Choose Transteel When Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs in Chennai?

Transteel has perfected the process of making office chairs via our years of handcrafting and selling cutting-edge home and office furniture. Furthermore, because we provide e-commerce office chairs Chennai solutions, you as a consumer have access to a broader selection of products at a lower cost.

Stop by our Transteel office furniture experience Centre in Chennai to see and feel the comfort of the chairs of your choosing.

We Have Gone Digital

Why does the fact that we are an online store matter? One advantage is that it provides you with far more selections than any physical store could ever provide. Furthermore, online shops like as Transteel do not have the hefty overhead costs of a physical store.

As a result, they can give consumers—you—a considerably lower price. Proof that, when it comes to beautiful interior design and comfort, money isn't always the deciding factor. As a result, if you're looking to buy office chairs in Chennai, an online store like ours can be the ideal alternative.

Factors to Take Into Account When Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs.


Working in a chair that does not provide enough lumbar support frequently results in slouching, which causes lower back pain. The proper lumbar support even helps healthy posture by filling the gap between your seat and lumbar spine.


The best office chairs are unquestionably made from the best materials. You must, however, consider what that means to you. For example, if you are a messy eater, a leather chair would be preferable because it is easier to clean.

However, if you must spend a lot of time crouched over a computer, a fabric seat is probably a better alternative.


Consider this: You must turn around to receive a printout or to ask a coworker a question. Would you rather spin around in circles or get up and go over there? However, we believe you would prefer the latter! As a result, investing in a 360-degree rotating office chair may not be a bad idea!


This is surely an important factor when purchasing office chairs! We seek the finest possible results while remaining in our comfort zones.

We Eliminate The Middleman!

One of the primary benefits of Transteel, Hyderabad is its low cost.

Why is this so? Compared to a traditional office-furniture vendor in Hyderabad, our modular inventory management can save you up to 50% from buying office in a retail office from Transteel, Hyderabad. Who will benefit the most from this? you, of course!

Make an Corporate Statement

When shopping for office chairs in Hyderabad, bear in mind that you are displaying your brand's individuality to both clients and employees. It's time to accept Transteel! Use your Transteel Experience Center in Hyderabad, India.

The Cherry on Top

We are without a doubt among the best office furniture retailers in Hyderabad, but how did we get there?

  • - ZERO compromises on quality
  • - NO middlemen, now or ever
  • - No third-party involvement
  • - No extra delivery charges

Remember, we aren't just selling you a chair, we are selling you productivity, and comfort!

Which is The Best Type Of Office Chair For Work in Cheanni?

While selecting an office chair may appear to be a straightforward process, various aspects come into play and might substantially influence your experience. These factors may and should influence your decision when purchasing a new office chair, ranging from the amount of time you spend sitting each day to the temperature of the day, as well as ergonomics, pricing, material, features, maintenance and many more. One of the main reasons when we use our workplace chairs every day is comfort which is essential to have before buying it. But before that check by yourself a piece of office chair, this checklist by us looks at key and all different types of facets to help you understand more about office chairs before buying it. But to select chair for your workplace or office.

Types of Office Chair in Chennai:

1.Ergonomic Office Chair:

In an office context, this is the most prevalent type of chair. Ergonomic seats are meant to support the body, promote good posture, and relieve discomfort. Support your spine and retain your joints in a natural position. Adjust the shoulders, spine, and hips as needed. Our FLUID Collection Ergonomic chairs are highly flexible, which means they can be changed to fit and support any body type.

Ergonomic office chairs are built to last. Sitting on an ergonomic chair for extended periods of time is simple due to its robust structure and configurable features. An ergonomic chair is the first choice for many people who spend the majority of their days at their computers. Transteel’s Ergonomic chairs are also available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of materials, including Vegan leather, mesh, and fabric, and may accommodate a wide range of users.

2. High Back Office Chair:

The comfort of humans is a priority in the design of Transteel’s high back office chairs. Choose an office chair from our enormous variety of Ergonomic HB office chairs that is suitable for your body type to avoid the discomfort of sitting for long periods of time on a chair that does not offer proper back and neck support.

An office chair with a high back is better for your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. Long-lasting comfort can be found. All of our Transteel high back office chairs are ergonomically engineered to provide you with the comfort you require throughout the day. Purchase our high back office chair from the FLUID LITE & FLUID BASICS line at a low price.

3. Mid Back Office Chair:

A mid back office chair has a backrest that is about or slightly less than shoulder height. Mid-back office chairs from Transteel provide improved back and spine support and are more comfortable to sit in for long and short amounts of time. A mid back office chair’s main purpose is to give appropriate lumbar and thoracic spinal support.

The primary benefits of a mid back office chair are that it is less in weight and more comfortable for office work. Mid back chairs are ideal for cowork spaces and small businesses. The Fluid MB and Relay MB are classic mid-back office chairs with good ergonomics.

Mid Back Office Chair Models: Aqua Neo, Fluid Basics, Black, Suit, Medley, Infinity, Fluid Lite, Jupiter, iWeb, Prime Neo, Helix, Ace, Freedom, Bionic, Smart, Relay, Reflex.

4. Low Back Office Chair:

Transteel’s Low-back office chairs are more comfortable than standard desk chairs, making them ideal for use at home, in small enterprises, and in the workplace. The best chair for back pain are ergonomic office chairs with built-in lumbar support. Soft armrests and hard or soft seats are optional for low back chairs.

In an office setting, low back chairs usually include a number of features, such as tilt mechanisms and height adjustments. Low-back office chairs are less costly and take up less space, making them an excellent alternative for small offices.

5. Mesh Office Chair:

Ergonomic office chairs with mesh back rests are the ideal solution for enterprises in hot areas or for hot offices in general. The mesh material’s breathable vents allow for free-flowing air to keep you cool during the day. Mesh office chairs from Transteel’s wide variety of ergonomic office chairs are very comfortable and light. Therefore, if you need to move your chair frequently during the day, a mesh chair is the best option.

6. Vegan Leather Office Chair:

The Vegan Leather Office Chair gives your workspace an opulent appearance. This ultra premium high back chair has smooth lines and plush vegan leather. Vegan leather chairs should ideally be used in colder locations. When used in hot conditions, the seats might get sticky, causing the user to sweat more than usual. The Vegan Leather office chair from Transteel is stylish enough for the CEO of a modern workplace. Ergonomics are excellent. Attractive pricing for an upscale vibe.

7.Visitor Office Chair:

The simplest basic office chair is called a visitor chair. It comes in a range of colours, namely black, red, blue, etc., and materials, such as a plastic chair with or without a cushion and arm rests. Transteel’s Visitor chair line does the simple task of delivering a comfortable seat in a variety of colours and patterns at an affordable price.

8. Lounge Chair:

Lounge chair is for relaxing and unwinding. They are used for relaxation and comfort and available in a variety of shapes and designs. Lounge chairs provide a comfortable place to work or relax. The lounge chair from Transteel’s provides practicality and comfort in equal measure, whether used as a comfy reading chair in the office, a desk chair in the corridor, or to watch TV in the co-work space.

“Visit our Transteel Experience Centre’s in Hyderabad and other major cities across India to learn more about our ergonomic office furniture, which is designed with corporate quality and low prices in mind”.

What is The Difference Between an Office Chair and A Regular Chair?

The main difference between an ergonomic chair and a normal chair is that an ergonomic chair has adjustable arm resting space, whereas a regular chair has fixed or no arm resting space. The ergonomic chair, due to its design, supports the body in relaxing, whereas the regular chair delivers less relaxations and focuses more on maintaining the body’s posture.

The ergonomic chair by Transteel is designed with the purpose of giving its user physical comfort and relaxation. It is frequently used in offices and businesses where workers may unwind after spending hours at a desk or seated in a chair that is not natural to them. Although it increases productivity and efficiency at work, it also allows people to relax. Many interesting features are included in the ergonomic chair.

A basic chair is a piece of furniture that consists of a seat and may or may not have an armrest and a headrest. It is made of two pieces. The first is the back, and the second is the seat, which are both joined perpendicularly or at an angle somewhat greater than that. Visit the Transteel Experience Center in Chennai now.

Executive Office Chairs in Chennai-TRANSTEEL

An executive chair is typically constructed of high-quality materials and, unlike a standard office chair, includes ergonomic features such as lumbar support, a high backrest, adjustable height, a head rest, and an abundance of cushion, allowing these seats to provide excellent comfort and durability. Transteel Chennai has a large selection of ergonomic executive office chairs. Executive chairs may be a good example of high-end design. The back provides comfortable support for the entire upper body because to its height. The chair features a lovely back, strong arms, and plush upholstery. It is comfortable to sit in an executive chair. Executive chairs have additional room and tall people’s back support. If you’re looking for next-level comfort, take into account the high back and superb construction of our Executive office chair models including Smart, Suit, and Relay Ultra. Executive office chairs with a high back and a mid-back are also available.

What is Transteel Experience Centre & were its located in India?

We at Transteel believe that every room has a story to tell. Your office environment reflects your business. Each component of your space should contribute to your company’s message while also catering to the requirements and welfare of your employees. At The Experience Center, you will have a sensory experience that will help you to fully appreciate the potential of your office or workspace. Our workspace is comprised of more than just chairs and workstations. Sound, texture, lighting, colour, and temperature all contribute to the creation of an environment. Visit us today to learn about Ergonomic Office Furniture that is designed and manufactured with corporate quality and at a cheap price. Located in major metro cities and in Chennai located in Address: GF15, Khader Nawas Khan Road, Nungamabakkam Gems Park Avenue, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006. Phone: 080953 46346

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