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The Myth Behind Ergonomic Office Chairs!

Imagine This: Working Your Daily 9 To 5 Job Without Hating On Your Office Chair, Loving It So Much You Don't Mind Adding A Few Extra Hours. Sounds Bizarre, Right? Well, It's Only Because You've Never Tried Ergonomic Chairs Out! In Today's Settings Where Employees Spend More Than Eight Hours A Day, Six Days A Week, Ergonomic Seats Have Become Common And Are Very Popular Amongst Employees. But Why, Might Be Your Question. A Comfortable Seating Arrangement At Work Is An Absolute Must Because Everything Is Interconnected! Before We Ask You To Take The Big Step And Switch To Ergonomic Office Chairs, Let Us Help You Figure Out The Myth Behind Ergonomic Chairs Anyway!

What Does The Word 'Ergonomics' Mean?

Before Delving Into The World Of An Ergonomic Chair, It's Only Fair You Understand What Exactly The Word Ergonomic Means! The Science Of Ergonomics Is Concerned With How Well Individuals And Their Jobs "Fit." It Prioritises People While Taking Into Consideration Their Abilities And Limits. Making Sure That Tasks, Tools, Knowledge, And The Environment Are Suitable For Each Worker Is The Goal Of Ergonomics.

What Does The Term 'Ergonomic Chair' Mean?

We Can't Possibly Ask You To Switch Your Trustee Not-so-good Old Chair For Ergonomics, But Here's What The Term Ergonomic Chair Means!

Here Are A Few Of The Characteristic Features Of An Ergonomic Chair:

  1. A Good Ergonomic Chair Will Be Adjustable For Better Control And Custom Settings. Such As
  2. Adjustability, Comfort, Lumbar Support, Tilt And Recline Functions Etc.
  3. Easy Seat Height Adjustability Mode.
  4. Partial Or Fully Adjustable Armrest.
  5. Breathable Mesh Or Fabric.
  6. Revolving Base For 360 Degree Movement
These Are Only A Few Features That Make An Ergonomic Stand Out Of The Crowd!

What Are The Benefits Of Having Ergonomic Chairs At The Office?

Now That You Have Some Ideas About The Ergonomic Chair Let Us Help You Figure Out The Benefits You Are Bound To Enjoy From Having An Ergonomic Chair At Office Workspace! To Begin With, Employees Need To Be Kept Comfortable And Happy Whilst They Work For You And At All Times. A Happy Company Has Hard-working, Smart And, Most Importantly, Healthy Employees! Put Yourself In Your Employee's Shoes, Imagining Having To Work For 6-7 Hours Sitting On An Extremely Uncomfortable Chair, Do You See Yourself Excelling Or Being Frustrated At Work?

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs:

  • It Enhances Your Seating Posture
  • It Lets You Work Optimally.
  • It Frees You Of The Aches And Pains You Would Have If You Used The Wrong Chair Daily.
  • It Comes With Tons Of Adjustment Settings, Including Lumbar Support.
When Given The Proper Ergonomic Office Chairs, You Can Anticipate That You And Other Fellow Employees Won't Find Many Reasons Not To Procrastinate, Stretch, Or Take Long Breaks Due To Discomfort. As A Result, You Might Expect Increased Productivity After All That Ceases. This Is Because The Employees Would Be More Focused And Productive If They Felt At Ease In Their Surroundings.

Ergonomic Office Chairs From Transteel!

Now That You Are Quite Aware Of What Ergonomic Chairs Are And What Are Its Benefits. It Only Makes Sense; We Help You Figure Out Which Ergonomic Office Chair Is Meant For You Or Your Employees!

FLUID Lite High Back Ergonomic Office Chair:

First, We Have A Fluid Lite, High Back Ergonomic Chair On The List. A High-back Ergonomic Chair Offers More Support For Your Back, Shoulders, Neck, And Head, Making It Truly The Phenomenal Chair It Is! The Breathable Mesh Back With The Headrest Is Designed To Keep You Energetic Throughout The Day Without Getting A Stiff Neck Or Getting Restless.

REFLEX Black Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair:

Moving On To The Next Option. The Mid-back Office Chair Has A Fantastic Backrest Just Below Your Shoulders. Your Back And Spine Will Benefit From The Support Provided By This Design. Additionally, It Enhances Comfort Overall While Safeguarding Your Shoulder Blades & Spine. If You Just Use Your Chair Sometimes, This Office Chair Is A Great Option. Primarily, It Provides The Most Comfort And Support For A Brief Period Of Time. Therefore, A Conference Or Meeting Room Would Be The Ideal Setting.

SWIFT Low Back Ergonomic Office Chair:

Last But Not Least, Low Back Chairs! Low Back Office Chairs Have A Lot To Offer In Terms Of Ergonomics. Low-back Chairs, 360 Degree Revolving Ergonomic Chairs As Opposed To Traditional Desk Chairs, Support The Back & Lumbar Region, Assisting In Maintaining Proper Spinal Alignment. This Can Lessen Discomfort And Weariness While Also Assisting In Avoiding Chronic Issues Like Back Pain. In Addition To Being More Comfortable Than Traditional Desk Chairs, Low-back Chairs Are Perfect For Usage At Home, In Small Workplaces, Or Coworking Spaces. Low Back Chairs Also Frequently Contain Adjustable Elements So That You May Tailor The Fit To Your Particular Body Type.

Where And How To Pick The Correct Ergonomic Office Chair:

Well, It Seems Like You Are Ready To Get Ergonomic Chairs To Enhance Workplace Wellness In Your Office! But Before You Make The Purchase, You Need To Know How And Where To Pick The Right Ergonomic Chair Which Will Cater To Your Needs.

Here Are A Bunch Of Questions You Need To Remember While Picking Your Ergonomic Chair.

  • Is Your Chair Five-point-based And Vertically Adjustable?
  • Does Your Chair Feature A Lumbar Support That Can Be Adjusted?
  • Do The Adjustable Armrests And Backrests Give Your Back Enough Support?
  • Does Your Seat's Width And Depth Offer A Good Fit And Comfortable Seating?
  • Do You Find The Seat Cushioning To Be Comfortable Enough?
  • Do The Tilt And Recline Functions Of Your Ergonomics Satisfy Your Wish?
  • Does It Have Depth (Forward And Backward) Adjustability Along With Height Adjustment?
  • Does The Front Of The Seat Have A Rounded Shape To Prevent Pressure Points On The Backs Of Your Legs And Knees?
  • Are Your Knees At Or Below The Level Of Your Hips When You're Seated?
Or You Can Let Us Help You Out; Our Experts Are Here For You! Visit Our Transteel Experience Centre In Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Pune. Check It Out For Yourself First-hand! Or Just Give Us A Call Or Leave A Mail If You Have Any Questions, And We Would Be More Than Happy To Help You Choose The Best Furniture For Your Office!
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