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ALCHEMY – Office Table for Staff – 4 Feet (L) X 2 Feet (W) With Modesty Panel

Offer Price: 6,999.00

SOHO Table Of Size 4 Feet X 2 Feet With Open Shelving

Offer Price: 6,260.00

ALCHEMY-LITE Max-Back To Back-Office Workstation For 2 (4f X 2f Per Person)

Offer Price: 10,275.00

ALCHEMY-LITE Max-Side To Side-Office Table for 2 (4f X 2f Per Person)

Offer Price: 11,998.00

ALCHEMY-LITE Max-Back To Back-Office Workstation For 4 (4ft X 2ft Per Person)

Offer Price: 17,625.00

ALCHEMY-LITE Max-Side To Side Office Table For 3 (4ft X 2ft Per Person)

Offer Price: 16,855.00

ANGLE – 4 Feet Office Table – Study Desk – White

Offer Price: 6,043.00

ANGLE – 4 Feet Office Table – Study Desk – Classic Walnut

Offer Price: 6,043.00

ANGLE – 4 Feet Office Table – Study Desk – Light Brown

Offer Price: 6,043.00

OSLO Table for 1 Staff – 4 Feet (L) X 2 Feet (W) Without Drawer Unit

Offer Price: 9,886.00

OSLO WHITE Table for 1 Staff – 4 Feet (L) X 2 Feet (W) Without Drawer Unit

Offer Price: 7,743.00

SERIES A – Staff Office Table – 4Ft(L) X 2Ft(W) with 3 Drawer Pedestal-Dark Brown

Offer Price: 14,883.00

SERIES A – Staff Office Table – 4Ft(L) X 2Ft(W) With 3 Drawer Pedestal-Light Brown

Offer Price: 14,883.00

ZED Office & Study Computer Table – Black

Offer Price: 8,232.00

ZED Office & Study Computer Table – White

Offer Price: 8,232.00

XENON Basic Desk For Home And Office – Black

Offer Price: 20,568.00

XENON Basic Desk For Home and Office – White

Offer Price: 20,568.00

Make Your Office Stylish & Comfy With The Best Office Table Desk Collection

Do you want to add a luxurious-looking and comfortable office table desk to your office space? If so, Transteel is ready to offer an exclusive collection of office table and chair that is not only comfortable but also extra stylish.

Whether you’re converting a part of your home into office space or you’ve recently shifted to a new office, adding the best office table to your furnished space is your first step. At Transteel, we take pride in offering a wide range of office tables/staff tables that will fit your needs and suit your office requirements.

Amp Up Your Space With The Best Office Table and Chair

We, at Transteel, offer specially designed and spacious furniture. Our elegant office table desks have been crafted to blend in seamlessly with all kinds of home decor all the while fostering a perfect work environment.

Our office table chair comes with an adaptable, foldable, elevated, and comfortable design. When we produce the office tables and chairs, we ensure that we include style, innovation, and design in it. Check out our collection of top office table desks that will perfectly fit your workspace.
What is the Best Office Table Near Me?

Whether you’re looking to open a new office or you wish to renovate the existing one, Transteel has got the most superior office table chair for your needs. What’s more, we deliver them straight to your doorstep!

Advantages Of Buying Office Table and Chair from Transteel

Have you ever just sat right down into a plump, and relaxing chair, and thought about where it came from? Well, you would be surprised to know that both the chair that you sit on and the table that you work on, have quite the story!

Especially because, it wasn’t just any wood that had gone into the making of your chair, it was wood that was hand-picked by professionals. It was tonnes of logs that were processed into the desired shape, size, and design – that can best compliment your needs.

But, if you think the story ends with just identifying and processing the wood you are sorely wrong. That’s where it begins! The wood still has to be treated with our advanced techniques, to ensure its durability all the while being maintained under just the right level of moisture, pressure, and temperature.

After which, our skilled and experienced craftsmen can design the office table chair that needs to now has to undergo the second to last step – the finishing! It is then, that the product can finally be packed, and shipped to you – our customers.

So, that is the story of a Transteel chair!

Transteel with its vast and extensive customer base is not the massive e-commerce furniture superstore that is today, without good reason! It is because of the extensive lengths our team goes to get you the office table desk that you deserve.

What Sets Our Office Table Desk Design Apart From The Crowd?

Whether you’re looking to add office tables to your home office or you wish to revamp your office space, we offer adjustable desk designs. Having fully furnished staff tables and chairs are extremely important for your business. This is why we offer versatile and flexible office desks that are easy to transport and lightweight.

The best part about buying an office table chair from Transteel is that we offer furniture that is suitable for every office space. Still not convinced? Check out the benefits of choosing ergonomic chairs from Transteel for your office space.

Posture Support

Long hours of sitting can affect posture and overall health. Traditional chairs often lack basic ergonomics. The full-length design of the ergonomic office chairs available at Transteel will support posture.

Improve Productivity

Studies show that the wrong staff tables and chairs can impact the productivity of your employees. This is why Transteel offers a comfortable and ergonomically designed office table chair that improves productivity and leads to employee satisfaction.


In your office space, you ensure that the furniture meets the requirements and needs of each employee. When you invest in adjustable furniture from Transteel, you can rest assured that each and every employee is focused and comfortable in the office space.

If you’ve been searching long for the best chair and office table near me, be sure you scroll through the vast selection at Transteel. Our new office desks are designed keeping the changing trends in mind. Hence, you can rest easy knowing that the furniture is durable, long-lasting, and well-designed.

Say Yes To Luxurious Looking, Pocket-Friendly Office Furniture

If you’ve made up your mind to get your hands on high-quality and modestly priced office furniture, feel free to scroll through the best collection of best office table chair designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with India’s leading direct-to-consumer furniture brand today!