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FLUID BASICS – High Back Ergonomic Chair with Mesh Back & Adjustable Arms – Black

Offer Price: 7,375.00

FLUID BASICS – High Back Ergonomic Chair with Mesh Back & Adjustable Arms – Maroon

Offer Price: 8,414.00

iWEB – High Back Office Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Arms – Blue

Offer Price: 12,099.00

iWEB – High Back Office Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Arms – Maroon

Offer Price: 12,099.00

iWEB – Mid Back Office Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Arms – Blue

Offer Price: 9,679.00

iWEB – Mid Back Office Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Arms – Maroon

Offer Price: 9,679.00

Ergonomic Chairs – Make Work Easier

It is one of the worst feelings in the world when the Monday blues hit you while you’re trying to focus on work. The squeaky office chair seems to have been built to only torture you. Your lower back starts to hurt, and suddenly the armrests stop providing any rest to your arms. What many employers and employees fail to realize is that the comfortability of an office chair can lead to varying levels of efficiency at work.

This is where the ergonomic chair comes into the picture. “Ergonomic” does not refer to any specific model of chairs but rather a particular category of chairs. Let us briefly explain what these chairs have to offer and why they are of growing importance today.

Ergonomic Chairs – What Are They?

The word “ergonomic” itself refers to something that is designed to raise efficiency and comfort in a working environment. When we talk about ergonomic office chairs, we refer to office chairs that help employees feel as comfortable as possible to be efficient during office hours and raise output.

This is a very broad explanation, so let us try to understand what the best ergonomic chairs consist of and what other factors make a chair ergonomic.

An Ergonomic chair primarily focuses on the posture as well as the comfort of the person. It focuses on having customizable features such as adjustable height, lumbar support, and flexibility, among many other things, to make the chair as comfortable as possible.

Another important point to note is that these chairs aren’t exclusively for offices. We also offer ergonomic chairs for home. The past two years have seen a lot of people working from home due to the pandemic. As mentioned earlier, these ergonomic chairs don’t just help with posture and back pains but also help in increasing work efficiency. Hence, home ergonomic chairs are also a great investment for people who are working from home and want to keep up with office culture while following a WFH model.

Features And Importance Of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs play an extremely important role during working hours for employees as it provides comfort to the individual for as long as they sit. This increases efficiency and work productivity, subsequently leading to employee engagement and welfare. The presence of these chairs in a working environment makes it more comfortable. That is why most organizations purchase these ergonomic office chair India in bulk to provide their employees with the best working conditions possible.

Our brand Transteel provides the best ergonomic chairs in India with massive discounts in place so that the customers can get the most pleasing deals at a reasonable price. The well-designed ergonomic chairs provided by Transteel help maintain body posture, reduce spinal problems, boost work efficiency, and solve many other issues that employees working from home might have.

Here are some of the best ergonomic office chairs in India provided by Transteel:

Explore A Wide Range Of Ergonomic Chairs Only At Transteel

These days, ergonomic office chairs are becoming necessary for working professionals who sit at their desks for hours every day. Transteel offers a plethora of options for you to select from. Working from the comfort of your own home can be made even more comfortable if you purchase an ergonomic chair based on your requirements.

Our brand Transteel also provides an extensive filter option on their website to help you choose the exact product that you require. These filters include the basics such as color, price, style, etc., as well as specific filters such as the type of lumbar support (adjustable, fixed, or in-built), the weight of the user, age, and hours of usage, among other filters.

These filters can help you select the best ergonomic chair for yourself, whether you need it for the office or home. Apart from the wide variety available, Transteel believes in quality and reliability, and hence customer service is always the top priority. So feel free to reach out to customer service in case you have any questions or doubts, and they will be happy to assist you.

These ergonomic chairs online are easy to choose from as you can easily compare different chairs on your computer. All the information and features are provided on the website to make it easier for you to choose the best ergonomic office chair for yourself.

Pick The Best Ergonomic Chair For Office Or Home

After highlighting the importance and design of ergonomic chairs, let us help you through the process of selecting the best model for your specific requirement. There are some factors that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. These factors play a part in deciding what kind of ergonomic chair would best fit your needs.

1. Lumbar Support

First and foremost, look at the lumbar support and what kind of support the chair provides. The lumbar support is for the lower back and helps keep your spine keep straight and comfortable. There are 3 different types of lumbar supports, namely adjustable, fixed, and in-built. Studies have shown that when your ears, shoulders, and pelvic are perfectly aligned on the chair, the lumbar support is perfectly adjusted.

2. Depth of Seat

Another factor that is often overlooked is how deep the seat is and whether the back of your knees is touching the seat or not. Getting a seat with enough depth is recommended so that the back of your knees aren’t in contact and the seating pad should be around an inch or two wider than your hips. Most Transteel chairs come with adjustable features, so you can always work the depth of the chair to suit your personal preferences.

3. Height of Seat

This one is a common factor, and an adjustable height seat is the best way forward for your spine. Keep in mind that the chair height should be a bit below the level of your knees.

4. Reclining and Back Tension

Transteel provides ergonomic chairs with back tilt and other adjustable features. These controls help handle the weight of your upper body and can help in giving extra relief during work.

5. Headrest and Armrests

Headrests can help people with neck pains or just in general to have brief rest periods. Armrests can be adjustable to make sure the height is perfect for the worker. These armrests can also be put all the way down below your thighs so as to not interfere with work at times.

Once you consider all these factors and make a decision on what type and style of ergonomic office chair you want, Transteel will do the rest as we provide top-notch customer service and assistance. Remember that office employees and workers sit in one chair for excessive periods of time, so making sure they are comfortable and hence efficient is the responsibility of the employer.

Apart from the best ergonomic office chair, Transteel also offers work-from-home chairs or ergonomic chairs for home at reasonable prices all across India. Check out the WFH chairs here –