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Finding a comfortable place to work at home is not a simple task. Of course, you can sit on the couch or on a dining room chair, but your back will suffer and you will feel it quite soon. Take care of yourself when working remotely! We have used our 25 years of experience in delivering and servicing Ergonomic chairs on a PAN India basis for both Indian and Multinational companies to curate ready-made solutions for you. Task chairs ideal for the Home Office - comfortable and ergonomic, but at the same time elegant and blending in with the decor of your home.
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Bring wellness to your WFH with affordable ergonomic chairs and desks that encourage active movement. Your back, wallet, and future you will thank you.

The Best Work From Home Furniture You Can Buy!

Tough is the COVID times, but tougher is the concept of working from home. Backaches, stiffness in the neck, and many other similar musculoskeletal pain are the by-products of these difficult times during work from home.

Though the scientific world is still in search of a solution for COVID-19 luckily we have a remedy for those musculoskeletal pains. Digging deeper, you would find that the reason behind all these health problems is the not-quite-right desk set-up which includes an unsupportive chair and a non-compatible table. While your office provided you with work-appropriate furniture, you ended up using a random chair and table as your work from home office set-up! Your orthopedist would be completely against your home furniture arrangements.

Our Materials

We, at Transteel, are here to guide you, right from selection to the delivery of the best work from home furniture available in the market. Before we get into the products let us give you an overview of our extensive quality checking process for all our wood products.

Firstly, the wood used is perfectly seasoned for moisture content and once the product is manufactured, it undergoes a stringent 3-stage quality checking process, with over 50 quality checkpoints. This also includes the intense 3-step treatment for any borers and pests. Now you would understand the crazy lengths we go to ensure customer satisfaction and in order to hold the badge of quality.

So if you have a job that requires you to sit down for long hours then make sure you are ready with the appropriate work from home table and work from home chair!

Our Design

Do you have a habit of swiveling around in your office chair but haven’t got much space at your home? Then no worries we, at Transteel, have the right WFH chair for you. A perfect design to fit into tight spaces at the same time swivel around effortlessly.

Do you have chronic back pain? Transteel has a well-defined S-shaped backrest that provides world-class lumbar support with an additional inbuilt static lumbar pad. Similarly, Transteel also offers the Fluid Basic model which will have a 1D armrest while the Fluid lite will have a fixed armrest but both will have cushioned lumbar.

Our Style

Finding the best chair for work from home is a tough job as numerous options are available but did you ever stop to think that your work from home chairs will be visible to your boss and colleagues during an online meeting?

In such a case we have the perfect suggestion for the best chair for work from home, Jupiter Mid Back chair with upholstered Back, Seat, and fixed arms! Anyone who is seated on Jupiter would be portrayed as the Jupiter God who runs the place. This WFH chair would turn your workspace into a private office.

It’s not just about the looks, you would feel comfortable and ready for a tensed-up meeting in an upholstered seat with a contoured back. This mid-back executive chair is ideal for long hours as it provides all-day comfort with its structure and with a five-star base as it provides a solid footing.

The Perfect Pair

Our Vector High work from home chairs will provide you with just more than ergonomic support. It provides you with the perfect positioning to avoid visual disruption. Eye strain is yet another health hazard during the work from home phase so this WFH chair would give you the freedom of movement and adjustment according to your body structure. Added to these highlights is the refined and sophisticated look that you would just fall head over heels.

What is work from home furniture without a proper table? The chair and the table go hand-in-hand so don’t end up buying just a work from home chair. You would need a table to go along with it. You would need a table that is big enough to let your legs spread out at the same time provide you with storage space to keep a check on your overflowing papers and files.

The perfect pair for your swiveling ergonomic chair would be the Series1 Desks which have a classy look to match your best office chair for work from home! Keep your files and papers organized in the roomy storage pedestals on your right which also includes 3 lockable drawers. The melamine finish with the trestle legs gives your work from home table an elegant style. What’s more your work from home furniture is ready!

All you have to do now is to place the order and your product will be delivered to your doorstep. Do you want us to recommend a chair for work from home or do you want a table for work from home? We have got it all and even more!

We not only try to save your back but we could do marvels in adding aesthetic value to your home! Don’t believe us then check out the amazing collection of beds from Amber Queen Size Double Bed with upholstered headboard to Breyl Single Bed with Engineered wood headboard and footboard. We have even got Shoe Racks, Book Shelves, Coffee tables, Dining Tables, and many more. You need a place to store – we have got it; a place to relax – we have got it; add a charm to your home decor – we have got that too!

Are you searching for work from home furniture within your budget? Check out our price slash too! We have offers on the low back, mid-back, and high back office chairs which include the ergonomic chairs as well. Do you need a 3 drawer pedestal table with a lock? Priced at Rs13,000, is it too expensive for you?

In Transteel we have limited offers of up to 60% so you can buy the pedestal table at a cheaper price! Similarly, a Manager Office Table which extends to 5 feet in length with 2 feet 6 inches in Width will be sold at a discount as well! We have work from home furniture on sale like never before! Do hurry up before all get sold out!

Transteel has also got special discounts based on the quantity, which means the more work from home furniture you buy the bigger the discount! For instance, if you buy 2-4 tables for work from home then just 2% will be your discount but if you end up purchasing 20 or more tables for work from home then you get an amazing discount of 7%! We have many more offers, check out our website.

We have more collections in this link click on it to view work from home office storage that makes your living room look more appealing by allowing you to store your items neatly in a cupboard, We also offer work from home office chairs that allow you to work comfortably all throughout the day, work from home lounge chairs for you to relax in during your breaks from work, work from home office tables to use your laptop at the appropriate angle to avoid musculoskeletal issues along with the eye strain, and work from home study desk for your child to avoid the same aches and pains. This is not the end as the list goes on so wait no more and check out the website.