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FLUID ULTRA High Back Mesh Chair With 3 Way Adjustable Arms, Multi Lock And White Steel Base

Offer Price: 15,999.00

SMART High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair with One Way Adjustable Arms & Multi Lock Tilt

Offer Price: 12,299.00

SUIT WHITE – High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms

Offer Price: 7,855.00

SUIT WHITE – Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms

Offer Price: 6,555.00

4 Reasons You Should Start Using an Ergonomic Chair Today


A typical employee spends more than 50 hours per week in their workplace, and that has extended into the currently popular work-from-home culture. As the majority of that time is spent sitting on a work chair the requisite features of the chair need to be optimal to achieve maximum efficiency. The ergonomic chair is by far the most popular choice.

Ergonomic Chair

The science around an ergonomic office chair effectively makes it essential for employees who maintain longer working hours. However, it attracts the least amount of care when picking one—at most, the thing that is considered while looking for a Workplace Chair or an Executive Chair is to check if it complements the décor of the office.

The ergonomic office chair is conceptually a design that normally features conveniences such as an Adjustable headrest, Lumbar Support, Adjustable arm height or width, Adjustable Seat Pan, Adjustable Chair height, and Adjustable Tilt tension, Tilt lock, etc.

At Transteel our brand has focused on designing the ergonomic chair to achieve a unique aesthetic value as well as functional attributes. Our office chairs are available in a variety of upholstery materials such as fabric, leatherette, and mesh. And includes other essential features of an ideal ergonomic design which one may choose according to their personal preference.

Advantages of Ergonomic Chair

Best ergonomic chairs offer a wide variety of advantages that further strengthens their necessity for any office or a work-from-home setup. We at Transteel have resolved to achieve these qualities and advantages without compromise-

For Health

One of the major issues of sedentary posture is the health hazard associated with lower back pains, posture incorrectness, reduced hip flexion, reduced blood circulation, etc. An ergonomic chair goes a long way by tending to all of these issues. By design, the best ergonomic chairs are moulded to support the posture and provide ample support and convenience for the body to function properly.

For Flexibility

The most essential aspect of ergonomic chairs is their flexible and adjustable feature. Nearly every part of the chairs are adjustable to suit the specific requirement of an employee’s need. Irrespective of their weight or height or body structure, a proper ergonomic chair can be adjusted for comfort.

For Safety

While considering buying an ergonomic chair online one might be hesitant about its quality and safety. Transteel offers a wide variety of ideal office chairs that have been tested and certified for safety and hence you can rest assured.

For Productivity

The purpose of any asset, much like the office chairs in a work structure, is to enhance the productivity of work and the effort put in by the employee. Transteel chairs assure better design and comfort thus impacting employee productivity positively.

Transteel’s most reliable traits accompany its brand assurance – i.e. the quality and durability of its products. While negating any apprehensions about buying an ergonomic chair online, Transteel has been delivering to every corner in India and has served in over 55+ major cities.